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COVID-19 Brings Increased Needs

The increase of cleaning supplies, staffing needs and other resources are unforeseen expenses from this pandemic that are compounding with the daily expenses of running the facility. We need the help of our community to be able to continue our essential services like lunch, showers and shelter. Monetary donations of any amount are essential right now to make sure we can keep our doors open to protect our homeless neighbors. Please help us help keep some of the most vulnerable people in Sioux Falls safe.

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Why Give to BDHH?

The patrons that are served by the BDHH are greeted with open doors and open arms. The staff and a multitude of local and national agencies represented within the house, provide a single point of service and support for the most vulnerable of our population. While providing all these services under one roof is efficient and practical for our patrons, it is not without cost.

While initially, the house was built as an emergency shelter, with projections to be full during the coldest, winter months, reality has shown us a different scenario. Bishop Dudley Hospitality House has operated at near capacity during even temperate spring and summer weather. This is a strong indication that the needs of our community are greater than originally thought and hence the budget will become strained very quickly.

On average 179 patrons are served per day it takes approximately $3,500 per day to operate Bishop Dudley Hospitality House. Please consider a donation of time, in-kind goods or financial resources.